This I Believe

Brock - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Let Your Kids Be Kids

In 17 years of my life, I have experienced harsh punishments from my parents. I did not experience punishments like at the Holocaust or imprisonment, but I did get my fair share of serious punishments while being a child. This ‘unfair’ treatment that I received put a damper in my attitude, but then I realized my parents were right. I believe that parents should let their kids have a fun life.

I have seen many kids who had strict parents in their lifetime, and kids who have not had the most responsible parents. In my opinion, the kids who have relaxed, calm, cool parents are the ones who have better lives; compared to the kids who are abused and restricted from things they like. Strict parents can ruin a childhood. Children who have strict parents will later in life become like their parents and be nothing but serious in their life. This is not right. Parents who restrain their children from having fun, spending time with friends, and doing what they want to do, are what I would call a child’s worst nightmare. The children worry about what they could do wrong next, instead of just having fun in their childhood. You only get to be a kid once, don’t ruin it for your kids because you didn’t get the same chance that they could get.

I am thankful every day that my parents are not this way; they are cool, calm, and relaxed type that let me have fun, but with some restriction on what I do. They just make sure I don’t get into trouble. If they did not stay in my life I’m confident I’d be in trouble. I believe that kids who have very poor parental role models are the ones who end up in jail, on drugs, or in the worst case, dead. Parents who care for their children, but still let them have fun and do what they would like to do, are the parents who will be thought of when needing parenting advice. But if you abuse your child’s right to be a kid, they will not want to think of you when they get older and are raising children of their own.

I have seen children in my class, or even in my school, who are unlucky, and have parents who are strict and refrain their children from any kind of fun. These kids are the ones that don’t talk much in school, because they are afraid to make a friend. They are scared that their parents will not let them spend time with them. Also these kids are the ones that cannot wait to get out of the house when they turn 18. If your kid is like this, you should change your ways. I’m not trying to explain how to parent your kids, but take this advice coming from a teenager who has been through most of his childhood; parents who have fun with their kids, are the parents that the kids will love the most, so let your kids be kids, they only have childhood once. Don’t ruin it for them.