This I Believe

Haley - napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


I wish I could say I have been a completely honest person throughout my life. I am sad to say I cannot. Though, I have learned how far honesty can truly take me. The past few years, the advice to be honest has made a great impact on the true character of my life. I have learned how far honesty can truly take me.

In the beginning of my life being honest was not very important. I was too young to know that lying about things only made the situation worse. If I drew dinosaurs on the wall with crayons and then blamed it on my brother, he then had the right to do the same to me. Like many mistakes, when you’re young, you may not catch on right away. Until I was old enough to start making decisions for myself, did I learn the true meaning of honesty. It was also then that I learned who my true friends were. I did not learn so much from myself, about honesty, as I did from others around me.

Boy did things change completely, once I made it to high school. Now I was becoming an adult and had to start acting like one. A major hurdle I had to overcome was not being honest. The high school I come from would be nothing without drama. With drama comes lies, which is the opposite of honesty. The way I have been brought up was to tell the truth no matter how harsh. After three years of high school under my belt, now a senior, I love to say I have taken that into consideration. Most everyone knows me as being honest. If someone wants an opinion I will give it to them in a nice way, no matter if it is what they want to hear or not. I believe that honesty is the key to a friendship and a relationship. Most people will agree that you cannot have a healthy friendship if your friend only gives you advice that she knows will make you happy. You cannot have a boyfriend or girlfriend that keeps lying about certain things.

I believe the best advice is honest advice. There are many occasions where someone may have to be honest and it won’t benefit him or her at the moment. In the long run it will come back to you in a positive way. As you can see I have had many experiences with honesty. This is why I feel so strongly about being honest. Many have traveled the same pathway, some taking my way and some the other. I can say my way is the better way because I have turned out for the better. I believe being honest with others will get you much further in life than lying to make them happy, and that is not a lie.