This I Believe

Camron - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The meaning of life, to live life, is to see the beauty in everything, living or inanimate. Wars, murders, fights, arguments: every single one has beauty before it begins. It can be easily dodged, evaded, if we accept everyone’s view for its own beauty. If we look for it we can see the good nature at the base of another’s articulations; these inner battles shot towards others, merely blaming them for our own thoughts, our feelings. Every situation we go through builds together the masterpiece of life, a separate sector or the work. As if a work in ink, such is life, a flaw is a stain, but if you can work from that stain, does that not progress life itself forward, to build from? The art in thinking, the art in production, the art in artwork, no matter the medium, if you agree with it or not, it is all a work of art, respect it for its own purpose.

To be elegant in your actions, to make someone adore your actions, to be an idol. I am often disrespected because I find sports trivial. Do not score someone on training; score him or her on technique. Sports lack logic and talent and support brute force. There is no art to athleticism anymore. All sports should be graded on the art of the game, not the grotesque abilities of the players. The art of performing, is that not a masterpiece in itself?

To produce, to create, to empower your peers. If one can gain a respect so high and not become conceited, your artistic prowess, the power of your own words spreads throughout society, you will be revered as a great man. I often dream to live this way, to feed society my beliefs, make them understand, but alas, stage fright, the downfall of many, it afflicts me. I hear the words rain down upon my brain. The thoughts, they never end, I want to say them, but as soon as I am ready to speak, I go monotonous. If only I could speak as passionately as I write, maybe I could make a bigger difference in today’s world. The art of empowering your peers, is that not a masterpiece in itself?

The most cliché of all artwork: artwork. Categorized simply in galleries and magazines. The self-expression radiates from the creations. I live to be enshrined by the art community, to be among the great gods of art: be it Van Gough, DaVinci, or George Harrison. They are the symbols of art. There are many more of course, but the list borders infinity. To be immortal, to be adored, is that not a masterpiece in itself?

The meaning of life, an amazing work of art. Self expression is all that is apparent to me. To express yourself, your emotions, logically for all to see, to make people truly think about themselves, to engrave your legacy in the earth, that is the real meaning of life. Refuse to be forgotten.