This I Believe

Lynette - Lansing, Illinois
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that love is the foundation of human existence. Without love, I would cease to function, dry up and crumble into dry bits of hopelessness and depression. Love brings hope, and hope is a reason for living.

Growing up in a close-knit family was an enormous blessing for me. I had all of the love and nurturing I ever needed as a young girl, which I took for granted as so many do. This past year, however, my eyes were opened to the effect of love and lack there of. I had the privilege of working with inner city second graders in an after-school literacy tutoring program. Within ten minutes of my first session, I could tell that the children there were starved for attention and love. All of the three girls I tutored would spend the entire hour fighting over my attention in different ways. It was exhausting; but also rewarding.

Those girls showed me the difference that love can make. What would it be like to get up every day knowing that you had no one to turn to for love? When I was young, I used to pray fervently every night that God would spare my parents from sudden death by tornado, hurricane, or gunshot. I was so scared that they would leave me all alone. As I got older I realized that I am not alone on earth and never will be.

I believe that the one and only reason I am here on this earth is to love my neighbor and my Lord. But the love between people will never be as strong as the source of true love: God. I believe that my God created me out of love, and I believe that he saved me out of love. I believe that he allowed sin into the world in order to show his true love for me in the only way that truly expresses it: salvation from eternal separation from Him. I believe that the only way to find rest in life is to believe that there is a higher power out there. One who loves when the rest of the world fails to. One who sacrificed Himself to save the human race.