This I Believe

Josh - Allendale, Michigan
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Mission Trips

I believe that the most important thing in a child’s life is having an experience where they can see and learn many things about God. Growing up with the knowledge that you are loved even when you sin and that no matter what you do God will forgive you. The best way for me to build my faith, and trust in God was to go on Mission trips.

The most powerful memory I have of my childhood, which is still happening according to my girlfriend, is going to Wisconsin for a mission trip in the 8th grade. I loved every second of it, from the long drive in the van to the inspirational talks every night. The memories and lessons I learned have impacted me to this day. I was taught to put other people’s feelings before my own. Also, the speaker told and showed us that God died for and took away all of my sins. He did this by bringing a cross into the church and having us right down three sins we wanted forgiven, then we nailed them to the cross and we took it outside and burned the sins right away. After that day I knew that I was forgiven and it made living more enjoyable. When I returned home I knew that I wanted to go on more mission trips, and now looking back I see that through these mission trips my faith in God has grown the most.

The next year I could not wait to go on the next mission trip. This year I went to Big Rapids, Michigan for a week. I was so excited for this week that it was all I could think about for the two weeks before we left. This year I made many friends and was the first time I didn’t feel timid or shy. It was like my coming out party, I was not scared to talk to people, and I had fun with it. It was like God’s personal goal to make me a more outgoing person. I thank God for that everyday.

When I have kids I am going to encourage them to go on mission trips, and I challenge you to do the same. It is well worth the time, and the lessons they will learn are priceless.