This I Believe

Jessica - Media, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: afterlife

Ghost- A spiritual being. The soul of a dead person.

There are pictures posted on the internet, true stories told amongst us, and even movies and TV shows aired about the paranormal. I believe in ghosts.

My best friend’s aunt has told many stories about her ability to see ghosts. A man dressed in rags and covered with mud, as if he had just been dug up from the ground, knocked on her sliding glass door one day. Her son was playing on the floor on his tricycle only inches away. She turned but he did not. She glanced over only to find her lifeless uncle beating on the glass.

I remember a young boy who kept telling his mom there was someone in his room. Since he was known to tell fibs, she wasn’t able to believe him. Finally, after a few days of repeating the same phrase, she started asking her son a couple questions. She asked what the strange boy’s, age and name were, and what he looked like. Her son told her that the boy was seven, his name was Greg, and he had brown hair and brown eyes. His mom called up the recent owners to ask if anything had happened in the house before. The owner replied in a sad tone of voice, that her seven year old son, Greg had passed away a couple years ago.

There are a lot of stories I hear from other people whether they are true or not, but I was encountered with a ghost myself. I was about three when I used to lie in my bed talking to a woman wearing a white shirt and blue jeans with glasses. My parents thought it was unusual but never said anything. Until one day I sat at the end of my bed speaking to this woman and not answering to my name. My parents had come into the room and turned me toward them. I told them I was talking to Mom Mom Wilson and explained what she was wearing. They both looked at each other with fear trapped in their eyes knowing that that’s what my dead grandmother wore all of the time.

You can believe it or not, your choice, but I know I was encountered with a ghost those few years when I used to lose sleep talking to my Mom Mom Wilson. I believe in ghosts, because they are real, and the memory of her still lingers in my mind.