This I Believe

Krissy - Media, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

To Feel Good You Must Look Good

I believe in always looking your best. For me, that’s wearing those brand new heels I bought the day before. Everyday I wake up and immediately start thinking about what to wear. It’s like a swarm of bees looking for honey going through my mind. Eventually, I get my head straight. I always start with the shoes.

Now if I’m really exhausted I will just put on a cute pair of flats, but normally I go for the usual, colorful heel. Then off to the clothes. I run around my closet looking for the perfect match. I usually try to pick a shirt with a little bit of the color in my shoes. This way my shoes will “pop”.

Now it’s time to find my pants. I always wear the first pair of jeans my eye catches, unless it’s warm outside, then I pick a solid color skirt.

Once my outfit is set, I finish up and am out the door. This process takes a total of twenty minutes. If I get ready fast and look cute, my day will be the best of my life. Unfortunately, if some part of my outfit is not right, my day gets very chaotic.

One day, in about sixth grade, I went to put on my favorite pair of jeans when all of a sudden, THEY RIPPED! I was so upset. This tragic experience had put a damper on my entire day. Thankfully, I was still at home so I was able to change. Unfortunately, I had to change my entire outfit! The shirt I had on did not match my new pants. Then I looked down and noticed my shoes no longer worked with my ensemble. Finally, when I was all dressed and ready to go once more, I ran out the door to make it to school on time. Suddenly, my day turned around when I noticed how amazing I actually looked. I believe in fashion.