This I Believe

Lyntoria - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: race

Quiet Racism

Every isle you turn down someone is following you. You wonder why but never ask. Not knowing if they want to help or is it because of your skin tone. Stepping out of your comfort zone you asked, “why are you following me?” Nothing is being said but the actions speak louder than the actual words. The clerk walks away and someone new appears. Clearly following you and watching your every move.

While saying nothing you approach the counter, with your items in one hand and money in the other. Still looking over your shoulder, you see a woman of a different race stealing. You quickly tell the clerk in a low tone and she ignores you. Your mind begins to wonder is it because of my gender or is it the color of my skin. Grabbing your items and walking out onto the sidewalk to your car, you approach a crosswalk. A man of a different race see you but proceed driving, missing you by a foot. You wonder is it because I was walking slowly or was it the color of my skin.

Driving your car to your residence not knowing what’s in store, cops all around the block. Coming up to a stoplight, a cop pull you over. No explanations, no reason at all. He gets out and asks you for your license and registrations. Opening your glove compartment and getting them he tells you to “hurry up!” Asking him” what did I do, sir?” He just walks away, looking at your car and checking your tags. You haven’t had a ticket and you’re nervous. Not knowing what to expect. He comes back and hand you a ticket, not explaining his self or nothing. While pondering over the ticket for speeding, he speeds off. You again wonder is it because it’s my gender or my skin tone?

Driving in your residence, wondering is this the world I live in? A place where you can’t go into a store without being followed, walking down the street without being respected, or driving your car without being harassed. The answer is “Yes!” This is the world we live in. It’s called “Quiet Racism.”

Racism is discrimination or prejudges based on race. Many believe that racism has minimized and it’s only between blacks and whites but their wrong. Racism has expanded throughout the races and most of the time its races against their self. Racism doesn’t just occur in the south, the north has racism as well. Someone else needs to speak up. Is it you? Martian Luther, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks have spoken before. Now, are you willing?