This I Believe

Bria - Iola, Wisconsin
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

On the Inside

I believe in being open-minded about everything; people, food, hobbies, clothes, books, everything. Nobody wants to admit it, but every single person on this planet cares about his or her image. How much they care or how little varies from person to person, but everyone does. When people shop for clothes, they are thinking what they will look like in them and (maybe not consciously) what other people will think when they see them wearing them. The same applies to making new friends.

When I was younger, I participated in almost every sport, club, activity or group possible. I made friends with many different people from each one no matter how young or old. I was really tall for my age, and that helped me to fit in with different age groups.

As I grew older, all of my friends changed. They all began to like different things, not different than me, from one another. That didn’t matter to me because I could still see the person inside from elementary school. For some reason it mattered to everyone else whether their friends didn’t like all of the same things they did anymore, and I couldn’t understand why. They got along with me, although I never changed like they did. I mean some things changed obviously, but never big personality changes. That was mostly because my parents began to fight when they never used to, got a divorce and I soon learned to hate big changes.

Today, I get along or am good friends with practically everybody. All kinds of people with average stereotypical high school labels like jocks, preps, geeks, nerds, Goths, Emos, and people who are just different. When I hang around with them or walk down the hallways talking to them, I am very conscious about my “image”, but not in the way you think. I can just imagine how teachers. parents, or other students feel sorry for me for hanging around with the “wrong crowds” or praising me for befriending the right people. I feel sorry for them because they judge others and miss out on all of the fun I have with these great people they don’t even know and won’t take the time to find out. If only more people could see others the way I do, things like war and hate crimes wouldn’t happen as often as they do now.

When I get older, I hope to maybe go into the field of criminal justice so I can help settle conflicts between people without having to choose anyone’s side but my own. If people looked past what they saw on the outside and got to know what was really inside or tried new things, it would truly make their lives more worthwhile. This I believe.