This I Believe

Clint - Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

People Can Change the World

I have often wondered to myself if the choices a person makes throughout their lives has any effect on other lives. I am starting to realize that even the smallest actions can change a single life, maybe even the world. Almost every person alive has an affect on someone else in one way or another. Parents, teachers, friends, a boss at work, the pastor of a church, they all affect lives each and every day.

From my own experience, my parents have both affected my life so positively that if it were not for them, I probably would not be alive. They have done much more for me than just bring me into the world and raise me from childhood to manhood.

I have gone through some tough experiences in my life, yet they all seemed to be magnified my junior year of high school. I had lost all my friends, my girlfriend had just broken up with me, and I had been kicked off of the basketball team. My whole life just seemed to be crashing down around me. I had fallen to the lowest of lows. I began to fall into depression. My parents tried and tried to reach out to me, but I was practically impervious to their attempts to pull me out of my pit. One day I was heading home from school and felt so horrible that I almost drove my car into a wall. I was so close to ending it all, and then something hit me like a Mack Truck. “I love you.” That was what my dad had said to me right before I left the academy. I then realized that I did have something to live for. My parents have told me “I love you” since I was born. It did not really hit me until I was at my weakest moment.

Without my parents I would not be alive. They showed me a light when all others were to dim to matter. My life has been totally changed by them saying “I love you” even if I didn’t really hear “I love you” every time they said it. It is possible that I may go on to later change someone else’s life. I believe people can change the world. My parents may not have changed the entire world, but they did change my world.