This I Believe

Sanghoon - atlanta, Georgia
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Take word root of interface. Face between. Interface is the tool or the way of one’s accessing the information that humans did not know originally. Literacy, learning, knowledge, and education, all these terms are gained by individuals who interface. The sender, and the receiver of information, does not have to be both humans, since learning from own experience and from natural events is always a possibility. Therefore, interface is something a person can never really avoid but has to live with.

Interface is a relative concept. I am a freshman at Georgia tech, and I learn about programming every other day. Interface as a noun to me means the computer. To survive in school, being able to deal with computer was mandatory. For the simple example, I have been required to turn in my works in typed version, otherwise I would get penalized. Also, for me, computer is a great helper to live alone. Using computer, specifically searching web, has usually given me the information I need from how to cook an egg to where to find the best house to live in. My grandmother does not know how to use computer at all. All she knows about it is that kids like to spend a lot of time in front of that. To my grandmother, interfacing is about talking over phone, reading daily newspaper, watching news on television. To her, interface as a noun is not computer, but those objects.

When it comes to the ability to use computer, my grandmother can be considered lacking literacy. But is she really an illiterate?

Mankind has always interfaced information with their own way, like my grandmother and my case suggests. The earliest human can’t get away from this fact either. The interface could have been different, but they had to meet rule of nature, or facts. The first person to put his hand into the fire must have had remembered not to do it ever again unless he was in desperate need of a baked hand. If his baby tried to touch the fire, from the harsh memory of his own experience, he must have prevented it. From generation to generation, this kind of simple knowledge must have been stored and disseminated. Considering how an infant is not aware of these knowledges, and how he or she is forceless, the questions come up. How did the first being begin to live? Would have its life started in the form of adult or as a baby? Getting the answers to this question is out of my hand, and that’s why I believe there has to be God, who’s free from interfacing, because he knows everything without learning.

Way of human, incomplete beings, to reach perfection, to become more like a God, is interface.