This I Believe

Jennifer - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

The Wonderful World of Drunks

I believe in drunks. It is an unusual belief but something I’ve come to love and find very entertaining. To be exact, I believe that drunks aren’t always obnoxious. Drunks aren’t always careless bumbling idiots that others make them out to be. Sometimes, they can be hilarious and cheap entertainment. It really wasn’t until coming to college when I experienced dealing with drunks.

It first started when I received a phone call at 2 in the morning. It was a friend, who was quite clearly past the crocked point. After 10 minutes of listening to her giggle and mutter words, I figured out she was very lost and needed help getting back to her place. After a quick jaunt downtown, I found her sitting outside of Taco Bell looking very confused.

As we started to walk back to her place, she had me hooked under her drunken spell. The heinous singing, the unpredictable swaying; oh it was a sight to see. We talked about random things, such as why the Old Capitol dome is gold and about the guy who was crawling in the street. But the real kicker was when she kept insisting she had to spend the night in the parking ramp. I’m not really sure if she thought she was a car or what, but it took a lot of coaxing to keep her from making a mad dash into the parking ramp.

Since this incident I’ve decided when my friends go out, I make myself the designated walker (well not so much now!). In all honesty I did it because I care about my friends and also because they are so entertaining. I mean you can’t beat free entertainment with the guarantee they are not going to remember what they said or did the next day. I’m sure there is someone who can relate or has their own memories. These memories really give the college experience an extra zest. A zest that becomes unforgettable. Maybe they won’t be approved grandchildren story materials, but at least you can say you had a darn good time.

As long as I am still sarcastic and love a good time, I will always believe in the drunks who forget to keep their clothes on. I will believe in the drunks who forget their names. I will believe in the drunks who question whether mashed potatoes should be eaten in a bowl or on a plate. I will believe in the drunks who forget how to sleep. I will believe in the drunks who forget their English and revert to a foreign language. I will believe in the drunks who talk to inanimate objects. I will believe in the drunks who think they are dancing but really looks like they are having seizures on the dance floor. I will believe in the drunks who call at ungodly hours. But most of all, I will always believe in the drunks I call my friends.