This I Believe

Carl - Harbor springs, Michigan
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, respect

I believe that I am the man that I am today, not because of all the masculine things that I have done in my life, but because of the relationships that I have had with so many women in my life. I have grown up with two older sisters in our house, Annaka who is 12 years older than me, Colista who is 5 years older than me, and two wonderful parents. My father had a huge role in raising me, like fathers do. But there are those interests and feelings about young ladies that he could not teach me. The interests and feelings that I never imagined I would have to know. However, now that I have traveled further down the line of life, these are very critical issues for a relationship with young ladies and soon to be young women.

My sisters and I are so far apart in age that we have very interesting relationships with each other. Until this point in my life, I had not realized what an impact my sisters have had on me, telling me when I was young, what their interests were in a young man. I was so impressionable that what they told me has stuck with me. Every time my sisters went on dates I would hear what happened and what made their dates good or bad. Every time they broke up with a boyfriend I would hear why. Most of all, I always heard what they wanted in a man and how they wanted to be treated by a man. As I look at my young life, I see myself resembling what my sisters always talked about in a man, interests, feelings, emotions, and sensitivity.

My mother and I have a great relationship too. Growing up she would always tell me how to treat a woman and how to talk to her. I was taught that a woman was the best gift a man could ever have and to always take good care of her. My mother also taught me to have confidence in myself when I was around women because that’s one very important thing that they are looking for in a young man.

Now that I am in college and have moved many miles from home, I have met several young women and we have become good friends. The relationships that have developed since I have been here in college have changed my outlook on life. What I am looking for in a woman has changed along with how to treat and respect them.

In conclusion, I now see that being a man is not about being masculine; it is about being true to your self and true to other people. It’s about learning to want or like what your partner needs because you love her. It’s about spoiling your girl every chance you get, treating her with the respect that she deserves and needs, and loving her unconditionally for now and forever.