This I Believe

Brittany - Iola, Wisconsin
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

The Significance of Family

There are at least 19 and a half million children living in the United States without the support of either a father or mother. Without a father or mother I don’t know what I would do. Many take their family for granted and I know I am guilty of it, even though my family is very important to me. I strongly believe that family is the most significant thing in my life.

I take for granted things like good health, a wonderful, warm home, food to eat, and many other things. My family always helps me when I need it no matter what the situation may be. I recently had jaw surgery and throughout my recovery my parents were with me every step of the way. Tuesday morning, my mom and dad both took me to the hospital and then waited anxiously through my surgery. That night, my mom stayed with me in the hospital. The next morning, I got to go back home.

My mom had to reluctantly leave on a work trip the following morning. Spending the next five days with my dad was rough. I quickly got worse before getting better. Megan (my little sister), my dad and I struggled through together and finally, my mom returned. She came home on the earliest flight possible Monday morning. She spent the rest of the week watching over me, doing everything she could to make for a quick recovery. Life hands us many challenges, and we all need to work together in order to get through them.

When I returned to school, I had another challenge ahead of me. The quarter ended the day after I returned and I had so much make-up work to finish. Supportive once again, my family helped me with what they could and encouraged me to never give up!

This is only one circumstance where my family has supported me when I needed them to. They always support and guide me, no matter what the situation. From the day I was born, to the time I got a head concussion, to the day I was confirmed, and even when I made the winning shot in a big game, my parents have and will continue to be a crucial support system for me. Even though I don’t always show it, I am extremely grateful for my unbelievably, loving family. Without them I wouldn’t be the extraordinary person I am today. I have clearly realized I am a truly lucky person. My family is definitely the most significant thing in my life. Forgetting occasionally to show that I sincerely love my family, I know and hope they always know that deep down inside they are extremely important to me. This I believe.