This I Believe

Kiaya - Iola, Wisconsin
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Alexander Graham Bell was a very intelligent man. He used his intelligence to invent a device that would change the way people would communicate forever. People in China could talk to someone in Mexico by the press of a few buttons by the invention of the telephone. I believe that the telephone is the best invention.

I have personally experienced many times when the telephone has saved me. One of these experiences was the summer of my eighth grade year. I was babysitting for a family. While I was opening the pizza the knife came to quickly. The knife connected with my finger and sunk in, it went numb. It was quickly coated in blood so, I moved over to the sink to tried and stop the bleeding. I ran cold water on it until I figured out I needed to apply pressure for the bleeding to stop. Then I went to the phone and called my mom for help. The family I was babysitting for didn’t have any neighbors near. The only way I could get help was by using the telephone. Without it, I’m not sure what I would have done. I ended up going to the hospital and got my finger glued shut so I could play softball. Even though it kept opening up and bleeding, the telephone saved my finger.

The phone also makes my life interesting and has helped me expand my vocabulary.

On most nights I find my self extremely bored. People tend to watch T.V. at this time, but not me. I find a fully charged phone and put this invention to good use by calling my best friend Ben. I spend hours on the phone, keeping in touch with friends and family. Since my sisters moved away to college, the phone is the one thing that keeps us close. When something dramatic happens or I am having a hard day, it is very simple for me to pick up a phone and talk to my sisters, Andrea and Emily. I know that sending a letter takes too long because by the time they receive it, everything is already solved. By using the telephone it has made the way of communicating with people easier.

The telephone has been available for use to many people. I believe it can keep you in touch with people better than any other communication device. Using the telephone can keep you in contact with friends and family all over. Even though the phone has developed in many ways it is sill used for the same reasons. It may help many and even save their fingers, this I believe.