This I Believe

Jonathan - Iola, Wisconsin
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

This I Believe

I believe that everybody has their own special talent. Whether it is art, music, sports, or whatever, your talents define who you are.

As I start to think, people’s talents work together to form an organized and functional society. People seem to have their own certain unique talents that make them special, but any one person can’t possess every talent. This is where people come together and help each other out. For example, a doctor could have trouble with his car, and if he doesn’t have the experience to fix it himself, he takes it to a mechanic. Then if the mechanic gets sick, he goes to the doctor. When the world works this way, it seems to be a big circle in which we serve one another.

Your unique talents should be something that comes natural for you; it should be something that you enjoy. It’s very possible that you have a talent and you don’t know it, but with time it will reveal itself. Have an open mind when trying new things, because maybe you will find a buried talent.

I believe everybody has their own special talent, and they should use it to better mankind. Most talents are useful and help society, but when talents are used to hurt others, that’s when problems occur. Computer hackers and online predators use their skills for selfish, harmful purposes, whereas their skills could be used for making informational websites and helpful accounting programs.

I love to build and create things with wood and metal work. Then I started using my gifts to build things for myself; soon I had made everything I could ever want. So, I started asking around, if anyone needed anything made. I found that almost everybody I asked had a request and were happy that I asked. I made things for our school’s art room and band room, like bookshelves and coat trees. I didn’t receive any money, but I was happy, and so were the people I made the items for. I got to do what I loved and someone else gained from it. It made me feel good that I could help out people who needed my skill. Since then I have worked on other people’s motors, and got them to run. I was able to save my Dad’s Boss money.

I believe that everyone has their own unique talent; we should all strive to help others and work together. If we all just give just a little more in our own way, to reach out, and help one another, we may just create a world that we all want to live in.

This I believe