This I Believe

William - Iola, Wisconsin
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


I believe that hard work pays off, and doesn’t hurt anybody, or anything. I believe that hard work benefits yourself and your employer. I have been a hard worker all of my life, and I am able to get the things I want from hard work. Hard work is what I believe in.

Hard work is good for everybody, from you to people all around the world. Most of the teens these days are lazy and spoiled, but not me. My parents give me a place to live, food on the table and clothes on my back. If I want a car, cell phone or a one hundred dollar pair of pants I have to pay for it myself. I realize that work can be hard but it is a good task to learn.

In the school that I go to almost a fifth of the students work. The students who don’t work are usually in sports. The kids that do work around Iola usually work on some sort of farm, either a dairy farm or a beef farm. My brother and I work on a dairy farm every day. A half a century ago, more kids would be working on a farm. That just shows how the times and ways of people being raised are changing.

The problem with people especially kids, is that their parents or grandparents spoil them rotten. I ask my self this question a lot when I get mad at spoiled people that brag about being spoiled “What is he going to do with his life when he grows up?” The answer to that question is nothing.

If you drove through Iola-Scandinavia High School parking lot, you would see a majority of new cars. Cars that parents or grandparents bought for kids. When you ask a majority of those kids “who bought you that car?” the kids will answer with a simple I bought it or a simple I earned it.

Most of the people I ask say that I am just jealous of those kids who have a newer car. But the truth is that I am not. I am the type of person who likes to see who actually works for their things and who gets freebies. I disagree with the concept that a new driver deserves a new car. What would you want a kid to ruin a $ 20,000 car or a $ 2,000 car, and I know for a fact that kids beat there cars. If it is their car or not.

My parents tell me a lot of things. But the one that I think of the most is when spoiled people grow up; they will not know what to do with their lives. That is the biggest reason why I believe that hard work pays off.