This I Believe

Hailey - Milwaukie, Oregon
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe in being rational. Finding the balance between my emotions and the events that trigger them. I believe in not over reacting to things and thinking before you act.

Being rational has something I devoped over time. It is the most valuable trait about me. So over time I started to look at my reactions to things, and I noticed that I was a drama queen. When anything happened I would always act as if the world was going to end. Then I started to notice that I was getting my point across by acting that way. I was just making my self look childish. So I figured out that by being calm and rational about things it helped me change my outlook on life in a more positive way.

Last may I the worst day ever. I woke up late for school then my car broke down on the way home from school. So I had to take it to the auto shop and it took a long time and cost me a lot of money. Since I had to take my car in it made me 30min late for work. Even worse was that was the first day of my new boss so I knew I was going to look bad. By the time I got to work was very stressed out but to make things even worse my new boss was mean! He told me to go hold a sign in the street. I thought he was joking at first but I soon noticed he wasn’t joking so I grabbed to sign in tears and ran out the door. I called my daddy and he came to the rescue and yelled at my boss and quit my job for. So in the end it showed me by being rational it made me not look bad.

This I believe in being rational and finding a balance between your actions and your reactions. I believe in thinking of the glass half full, and having a positive outlook on life. Thinking possive makes me a positive person, and helps mw achieve all the goals I have set for myself.