This I Believe

Amanda - Arvada, Colorado
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children, courage

When I was about two or so, my parents made me promise that I would give up my baby blanket when I turned three. Well, as a two year old, that seemed like a fine idea and I agreed to it. But when I turned three and my parents sat down with me and told me that I had promised to give them my baby blanket, I was crushed. I really did not want to let it go, but I knew that I had to and I did what had to be done. For what seemed like a week after that, I checked the trash can in the garage every day because I didn’t want my parents to throw my blanket away. It never did show up in the trash can and I never did get it back. But then one day, my parents gave me a new blanket- a Little Mermaid blanket, to be exact.

I still have that blanket and I cannot sleep without it. And even though once upon a time, it was Little Mermaid-themed, if you saw it now, you wouldn’t be able to tell at all. It’s tattered and falling apart and that strange grey color that fabrics become as they age… but I can’t even imagine getting rid of it, even as an eighteen year old college student.

You see, that blanket has been with me through all of the low and high points of my life as I can remember it. It’s the best friend I’ve ever had. Saying that kind of sounds bad, it’s not like I haven’t had great friends who are actual humans, but my blanket can’t judge me. It always listens, won’t tell anyone my secrets, comforts me in my times of sadness, calms me when I’m nervous, and is there for me when I need to cuddle. My blanket has been the only constant in my life.

I believe that everyone should have a little part of their childhood that stays with them. Something that they take around with them everywhere they go. My blanket makes me think that everything will turn out okay because it hasn’t let me down yet. It’s been there through thick and thin and it will never leave me until I decide that I am ready to take on the future on my own. It’s just nice to have something to remind me of where I came from so that maybe the unknown of where I’m going won’t seem so frightening.