This I Believe

Kayleigh - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe Athletes Should Be Treated Equally

As I walk through the halls on a Friday, I hear music playing only to pump up the football players. Girls athletics are during the week and there is never any music playing to pump them up. The girl’s athletics just get passed by because “they aren’t good enough.” Boy’s sports are more powerful because the community is behind them no matter what. This is just one example of how I believe high school female athletes lack equal recognition at the high school level.

Female athletes are just as good as the male athletes because they work just as hard for the sport they love. Men’s athletics are what you hear more about in the news, high school, and newspapers. On the first page of the newspaper what do you always see? There’s usually a big picture of a football player or a male athlete. There is hardly ever any girl athlete on the front page of a paper. On the news there is not a big board Friday for any girl athletics, only football that only males are usually playing.

I play softball for my high school team, and last year the softball team won a Conference championship title. After winning the championship we females received no glory or recognition for winning. This was a huge accomplishment for the female athletes that were involved, but nobody seemed to think so. We made goals before the season started. One of them was to win the conference championship, and get a letter on our banner. We met all our goals. We came to school the next day but nobody said anything about us winning and nobody thought anything different of us for winning a title conference. Men’s sports are completely different; men’s sports teams that do not win conference titles still receive more glory and are always recognized in the halls for playing a male sport. Just because they are males, most people believe they are the best. This is unfair to all female athletes because they feel as though the society does not accept them and they are just in the background, even when they are doing something unique and excellent that meets their goals.

The competitiveness between females and males today is still an ongoing battle. The main conflicts between men and women are contributed to athletics. Men believed they are the dominant species because everybody thinks they are amazing at sports. Males over rule the athletics, because they always think they are better than the females because they are men, and are stronger. This is very upsetting because female and male athletes should get the same respect because they make the same effort for sports.