This I Believe

Amanda - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

In Today’s Society it Takes Courage for a Parent to be a Parent Instead of a Friend

Have you ever had a problem no one could help you solve because you were sure no one else had felt the same thing before? I know that I have. Many people that you talk to everyday have experienced the same thing. Your parents! Most times, when you have a problem your parents are not the first people that you would want to go and talk to. You should not be afraid to go to them. We think that parents are out of touch and do not understand what we are going through. We need to realize that they were our age at one time and have felt and experienced the same things. In today’s society it takes courage for a parent to be a parent instead of a friend.

Reflecting on my childhood, it seems to me that all I can remember is my parents preventing me from doing things I wanted. “No you can’t go,” was a phrase that I heard a lot. Whether it was going to a friend’s house to stay the night or just going to our local Wal-Mart. As I am nearing adulthood, I am beginning to understand why I was told no so much. They were actually trying to help me.

My parents were not telling me no just to tell me no. They were not trying to take away all my fun. They were giving me guidance. They made mistakes when they were younger that they don’t want me to make.

All of the discipline I received has made me who I am today. Them telling me no just molded me even more. All of these negatives were actually positives. My parents were giving me their best advice whether it was about where to go or who to go with. They always had my best interest in mind.

Parents hold everything together. They put your wellbeing ahead of their own, which is what makes parents; parents. When parents have problems they hold them all in so that you cannot see how they are feeling inside. I don’t think that they don’t want you to see the real them, they are just trying to shelter you. They are the parents and they should be strong. When parents have problems they think that it shows their children that they are weak. Parents do not want children to think they are weak so they usually hold back their emotions.

I have realized the important role my parents have played in my life and truly hope that someday I can emulate them and tell my children no.