This I Believe

Janelle - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Good Through the Bad

When life throws its curves at us, the experiences can be pleasant or they can be near tragic. When something disastrous occurs, we may think it is not fair that it happened to us, but if we look closely, the situation, although not what we intended, probably had many small, everyday miracles. There were probably many “what ifs” that could have happened, but did not. I believe that good can come from an unfortunate event.

In the winter of my junior year, I was in a car accident that, when I look back on it, could have ended very badly. I hit a patch of black ice and lost control of the car and ramped it over a guardrail into a very deep ditch so it could not be seen from the road. Fortunately for me, there were no other cars in the vicinity with and I did not hit any other objects. My seatbelt probably saved my life because without it I would have hit the windshield, or went through it, and most likely would have been severely injured or killed. An elderly man found me after having the sudden thought that someone may have gone off the slippery road and spotted my tracks. I also walked away with virtually no injuries. This was excellent because without these small miracles, I could have been severely injured or killed and I could have been left in the cold for a lot longer time than I already was, as crews would have searched for me.

There are other times when although circumstances are not in our favor, they change and the day just seems brighter. The most common circumstances to occur in my life as a student is when we have a test I should have studied for more, but did not and the teacher ends up not being there that day so the test is postponed. Another is when I have a difficult assignment and no matter how hard I try to figure it out, I cannot, and the teacher decides to give us an extra day or two to work on it and provide help.

I believe that good can come from an unfortunate event. There are many unlikely twists and turns throughout our days that are not always the best. Whether it be as simple as waking up late or not getting an assignment finished, to something as drastic as a car accident, it is always possible to find good mixed in among the bad. If someone does not realize the blessing of living trough an accident, arriving early instead of late, or receiving an extension they really need, they need to open their eyes and see that blessings come wrapped in odd packages.