This I Believe

Kayla - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Laughing is the key to happiness

Have you ever had a terrible day until one of your friends made you laugh or did something funny? I have had many days like this, when I am in a bad mood than one of my friends will make me laugh, which makes my day better. Laughing is one of the best ways to help brighten your day and express how you feel. Being able to laugh makes you forget, for a little while, why you are in a bad mood. Being able to laugh and smile helps brighten your day and makes you happy. This is why I believe that laughing is the key to happiness.

Laughing makes you feel good inside when you do laugh. Laughing is a way to express how happy you are. Also, just being able to laugh helps you to have fun and it makes you feel a lot better about things that are happening. Hearing another person laugh makes you feel a lot better and happier. Also, hearing someone else laugh makes you start laughing even if you do not have a reason to laugh about anything. Laughing is something that calms you down no matter what is upsetting you. Laughing helps me to relax and have fun and not be in a stressful mood. Also, by laughing it helps me forget everything except why I am laughing. I have always enjoyed laughing especially when I am with a group of people.

Three years ago made me believe even stronger that laughing is the key to happiness. When my great grandmother passed away, I became very depressed. I could go from being sad to being in a completely awful mood, and not wanting to talk to any one. I was this way because I was very close with my grandma, that when she died I became a different person. I became a completely different person; I would not go out with my friends. I would stay at home and not have any fun. After a while every one would just leave me alone and not say a word to me because they would not know how I would react to them. Than one day out of the blue, my friends made me laugh the whole day about things that happened a long time ago. Making me laugh that day helped me realize that my grandma would not want me to live that way and that she would want me to be happy and laugh.

There are many things that help to make others laugh. You can help many people by making them laugh. Laughing is one thing that everyone does and you know that by laughing it will make you happy. By laughing it makes you feel better and helps you forget about everything that is going wrong. Laughing is a special part of my life because I enjoy laughing and making others laugh also. This is why I believe that laughing is the key to happiness.