This I Believe

Stevey - Lynchburg, Virginia
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in believing. I believe in the right to believe whatever it is I choose to believe. I believe we were all created with the capacity to believe. I believe nothing is unbelievable especially that which non-believers do not believe in the most, believing. I believe in the unbelievable because the unbelievable is not unbelievable it just isn’t believed. Voltaire the French writer says “Believing consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.” I believe that what I believe in, believable and unbelievable isn’t believed because believing people are in disbelief of what they believe in. I believe that people who believe in the belief but don’t express what it is they believe are not true to themselves and are discouraging others from believing in what is clearly believable. I believe people who believe actually do not believe in their own belief of believing because if they truly believed then they would be inclined to be encouraging the belief of being a believer in others. For example American Christians, we claim one thing and do the other giving people and excuse as to why not to come to Jesus.

I believe we can no longer allow what we believe to be counted as trivial and unbelievable because if we do then those who don’t believe, don’t want to believe and don’t want us to believe will no never become believers. I believe by believing I am allowing the non-believers and unbelievers alike to believe in believing. I believe in believing because it is something that cannot be taken away from you as a material possession but can easily stifled by others who either don’t believe or believe but are in disbelief. I believe believing is an active action as opposed to skepticism which I believe is a passive act. I believe nobody is born a believer but is innately inclined to believe. I believe it isn’t just enough to believe because even people who don’t necessarily embrace your beliefs may still believe. I believe as people live, learn, and grow they embrace beliefs and form there own beliefs. I believe we believe because of the communicated belief of believing by the lifestyle of those who truly believe.

I believe people justify their lives based on what it is that they believe. I believe by allowing what you believe to be stifled that you are preventing potential believers from believing. I believe that everyone wants something to believe in. I believe that having a belief is what drives people. I believe that believing is contagious because we are all called to believe and to encourage others to believe. I believe there is no room for disbelief. I believe those who believe, believe the truth. I believe those who believe, believe whole heartedly. I believe those who believe I believe this is the reason why people must continue to believe; especially in a world of disbelief. I am a believer and this is what I believe.