I believe that God answers prayers.

Samantha - USA
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, hope, illness

Two years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Dealing with this worst thing any freshman in high school would have to deal with. It added a great deal of stress to my life.

My sister and I came home after school, the day before Christmas vacation! I didn’t feel the holiday excitement coming home. I came home to an empty house with a counter full of unloaded groceries. Something was just not right. I called my father’s cell phone to see what was happening. He explained that my mother was in the hospital, and they didn’t know what was wrong with her. They were still running tests. He told me to stay calm and that my grandpa was coming to pick us up.

My mom had to have an emergency surgery to remove something making her sick. After she was in the recovery room, I got to go into her room and see her. The moment I walked through the door I started to cry cold, wet tears that were streaming down my face. When I finally got the courage I walked over to her bed, that moment I wanted to walk out of the room, seeing my mother with tubes down her throat, and her face white was like getting hit by a gigantic Mack truck.

I was by her side everyday. Christmas day will be a day I’ll never to forget! The doctor came into the room with a somber look on his face, and then he just came out and said “Shelley you have cancer!”

I began to whimper as the word cancer ran through my head. “Is she going to die?” I thought. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t breath. When the doctor left her room my mom began to cry. I remember she repeatedly said “Why me, why me?” The only thing I could really do was run up and hug her, I didn’t want to let go!

Christmas without my mother was horrible, while opening her presents she wasn’t even able to watch my expression. She wasn’t even able to come and watch me in my sporting events, so I never heard her voice cheering me on.

I prayed everyday and every night for her to recover from her horrible journey. Months of waiting and it finally happened, her cancer-free moment. Just to hear she was clear of cancer was a relief. But to hear it could possible come back at anytime was another heartbreak. But I kept praying the horrible disaster to never happen again.

So pray for miracles and they’ll happen, maybe not today or tomorrow or not even next year. But hope for the best and they’ll come true, and create miracles. This I believe.