This I Believe

Brea - grainvalley, Missouri
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: parenthood

I believe In My Mother’s Words

I’ve never really doubted the words that she says mainly because I know that they are full of warmth and love. It’s like she’s a poet with the way her words flow, rather it’s a joke or she a little angry and annoyed, I never really get tired of hearing her soft voice.

If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m talking about someone that is very special to me, it’s my mother. Every time that I think about her I get this portrait of her in my mind of pretty passel colors, curly brown hair and brown eyes that are to die for. Those pink watermelon lips soft rosy cheeks, only standing at 5”5” with an average body she has a strong and powerful look on her face. This is the woman I call mother.

She’s been there with me thought thick and thin and I believe that she will be there until the end. I could never think of life with out her saying just the little thing that makes me smile, like how’s it going? Or do you have home work? Well I guess you better get “cracken”! I could be sad and angry and just want to go to my room and shut down and all she would have to say is what’s up and this humorous manner but at the same time calm and understanding.

I would believe my mothers words always just because I know that she would never tell me anything that wasn’t true or that might hurt me, she has never gave me any reason to doubted what she was saying and until then I will continue to believe in my mothers word because that is all I know.

I remember when I was eleven year old it was abut the year 2003. I was getting sick a lot and just overall not feeling the best and my mother took me to CMH. There the doctors did some test and when they got some results they came and pulled my mother out of the room. The doctors talked to her for a long time with a look of solicitude on there faces. She walked back in the room were I was and looked at me with this look that hard to explain. She sat me down with a kind of pleasant look on her face which made me suspicious of what the topic of the lecher was. I wondered if it was just a joke or was I in some kind of trouble, but soon I knew that I would enjoy the conversation because when I sat next to her she laid her hand on my lap and looked me square in the eye with a mothers kind of look. This is what she told me, she said that I have diabetes and that having diabetes didn’t mean that I was different it just meant that I had to watch what I eat and that I had to be a little more mature and wise with my food intake.

At first i didn’t want to believe her, I wanted to tell her to tell the doctors to do some more test I felt like they might have did something wrong or something. I wanted to tell them the doctors that they were lying. Wanted to say that it just wasn’t true, I thought that I was going to be treated different and that people would think different of me, but my mother made sure that that wasn’t the case. She told me that lots of kids my age has it and that I wasn’t alone.

At that very moment I knew I would be okay and that I would still be that same old Brea. Then I realize that that was he first time that I doubted what my mother had said to me. I thought she was just saying that, but after she taught me more I began to believe every word she said.

She made me believe and understand. T o feel like your loved and understood is the only thing I ask for and because of Tina Charles the woman I call mother I have that. Because she has this unconditional love for me her love and understanding is enduring, it never leaves and that’s why I cherish it to keep it in my heart so that it will never fade away. I believe my mothers words filled with comfort I believe my mothers words are true. I believe in my mothers strength, Her will power, Her love. I believe in my mother words, filled with comfort I believe he words are true.