This I Believe

Colin - Moraga, California
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe in hard work – plain and simple. I believe that most accomplishments, if not everything in the world, can be realized if you work hard to achieve them. This may sound clichéd, but this principle has come true time and time again in my own life. A perfect example is homework. It comes every day, predictably, like the mail. And every day, I have to confront it and complete it. Obviously, there are going to be some days when I’m not going to want to do my homework. I see it as boring, and I can see myself doing more exciting things than just sitting down, writing and thinking, like hanging out with friends, or just chilling and listening to music. However, if I don’t do my homework, it just builds up, and there can be consequences the next day when I go to school, like missing credit on the assignment. So, I know I have to do it at some point. And, I find that, if I just sit down and apply some hard work, then I can get it done quickly and move on to something else I would rather do with my time, such as listening to music. Just like that, hard work has helped me out. That is why I believe in it.

Hard work built the great pyramids of Egypt, from Giza to the Valley of the Kings. Archaeologists are still not sure how they were built, but I could tell them one thing. It definitely took a tremendous amount of hard work to do it. Somehow, a ton of huge stone blocks were dragged, lifted, or somehow maneuvered so that they piled on top of each other to make a geometrically perfect pyramid. That is why I believe in hard work.

Not only did hard work build the pyramids, determination was also a key factor. I recently had surgery on my left knee. I don’t know if just this simple event has altered my life view or not, but I do know this: it has definitely made getting out of bed every morning more difficult, both literally and figuratively. I now have to drag my ever-straightened leg off of the side of the bed carefully, so I don’t drop it painfully on the ground. Nevertheless, before I do even that, I think about whether it is worth it to even get out of bed. Should I face another day of dragging around my leg, and pain whenever I get up? I always decide to get up, but it takes some resolve, and with my leg in the state it is, a certain amount of hard work is necessary to get up and going. Hard work has helped me throughout my life, along with determination. Without either of these ideals, I would have gotten nowhere, and that is why I wholeheartedly believe in hard work and determination.