This I Believe

Sessily - North Litttle Rock, Arkansas
Entered on December 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

I believe in personal expression. I believe that anyone can make themselves heard through speech, music, clothing, protest, poetry, art, love…the list is never-ending. I believe that by expressing ourselves, we thus escape from the everyday monotony of stereotypes and allow ourselves to be seen in a different light, an individual one. I believe that personal expression is an extension and benefit of our natural-born right as citizens living in a country built on the foundations of freedom, unity, and independence.

I believe in freedom, that it has always been meant to co-exist along with personal expression and individuality. I believe in allowing people to artistically breathe, to inhale the scent of sovereignty and creativity that is truly and uniquely theirs along with every other citizen of our great nation. I believe in being who you want to be. I believe in believing in yourself.

I believe in making a statement, in never letting go and always having faith. I believe that you can do anything if you push hard enough, get enough support. I believe in standing up for what you believe in, not hindering yourself because of the insecurities of others around you. I believe in love and friendship. I believe in the Lord. I believe in Heaven and Hell, in Good vs. Evil, the never-ceasing battle between God’s angels and Satan’s demons, the conflict that is ever-present in this world today.

I believe in hope, that it’s okay to dream and fly with the birds of the sky, or swim with the fish of the sea. I believe in setting goals and accomplishing them, in overcoming disappointments and shortcomings and instead focusing on the lesson learned. I believe that every mistake is a blessing. I believe that mistakes provide us with chances to better ourselves, enhance and upgrade our lives. I believe that mistakes humble us as human beings, remind us that we are in fact not perfect, yet still awesomely made in the image of the Almighty.

I believe in saying “I love you,” in never holding back your true feelings, because you never know when your time will come. I believe in hugs and kisses, pats on the back and encouraging smiles. I believe in motivation and inspiration.

I believe in me.