This I Believe

Jhirnessa - Holly Grove, Arkansas
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humility

Money can’t buy happiness

I believe happiness is something that money can’t buy. Money can affect our emotions and cause us to be happy. It can temporarily relieve us from things that cause us to stress and be unhappy. For example, let’s say we are struggling because we need money to pay a bill. Money will make us happy because it can get the bill paid and we wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s like we are buying a pill that relieves stress. In that case, you aren’t buying happiness. I don’t believe money can buy happiness.

Most people are happy when they have someone to love, a family to share their lives with, and friends to hang out with. Just because you have money, that doesn’t guarantee you happiness. Saying money can buy happiness is like saying you can buy love and friendship. I don’t know one store that actually sells love or friends. People who hang around you because you have money are not real friends, so they don’t count.

One of my uncles lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He use to be in the Air Force, but now he works in a lab that makes and tests medicines. He has a big house in one of the best neighborhoods in Boston, luxury vehicles, and plenty of money. He said, “When I was in my early twenties, I thought money was everything. I thought if you had money then it would be easy for you to get everything else. Remembering the way I use to treasure money, I pray for all you young people that feel the same way I used to.” About two years ago, he divorced a woman he was married to for twelve years. He finally found out that his wife loved his money more than she loved him. He said, “About five years into the marriage, things changed, including her. We hardly spent time together. Instead, she started hanging out with her friends a whole lot. She would leave around noon and wouldn’t return until dark with many bags of clothes. Since I trusted her, I really didn’t have the feeling that she was cheating on me. I noticed that she began to ask for more and more money. That really opened my eyes because the only thing she had to do was take care of the house and the children. I paid all the bills. After a while, all of our conversations were based on money. She became the total opposite of what she was before I married her. I would rather have happiness than money because there are many ways to get money.” Now, my uncle is a wealthy, single man looking for someone to share his life with. Having money and not having money both can have problems.

There are many people, including celebrities, who have money but are having problems with finding true love. Money is a good thing, but it can’t buy happiness.