This I Believe

Hannah - newark, Delaware
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

After eating hundreds of great desserts and even more calories, I believe that god lives through muffins.

I like to think of America as the country of religon, patriotism, and desserts. Many people say we should believe in the god and the Bible and what’s left of our founding father’s values. But I believe in dessert: pure happiness.

A dessert is not just a a little treat after diner. Dessert is a pulsing joy that we cherish for generations. Dessert is the thriving passion of our minds, hearts, and stomachs, and I beileve we should respect that passion and quenching it.

A dessert can be anything that makes you happy: some ice cream, strawberies, maybe even an old worn recipe. But a dessert is not just those things: they are god.

god speaks to me through muffins. blue berry, cranberry, pumpkinspice,apple cinomin, chocolate chip,oat, and many more. Betty Crocker’s cookbook is my bible. The dessert section is my Psalm. The sound of a hand cracking eggs and stirring future bundles of cookies is my hymm. I don’t get god through preaching of a minister or a priest. I experience god the most at my own church; my kitchen. My inner self peace of chocolate chips and vanilla ice cream is as crisp and as inspiring as ever in my place of worship: the heart.

In life, we sacrafise everything for dessert. Our ego, our diets, and our money. But when you bite into a fresh, steaming muffin on a cold morning, you feel excilarated. You fill with to the brim with joy as you feel the warm blob inching down your throat. You give a sigh of satisfaction at the mear thought of another bite. Thats when your realize that you have a whole muffin in fron of you. No restrictions! Just you and god, right there. So what do you do? You stuff your face in the muffin like you really mean it. And when it’s over, a small sense of sadness comes, but you know you have come in close quaters with god, so you leave the sadness and dwell on the happy after tastse left in your mouth.

so as you ponder late night jobs and vacation days as you eat your dessert, take a second to respect,revive, and re-live your desserts in your own way. Because the chocolate chip muffin you are eating is not just a chocolate chip muffin. It is god.