This I Believe

Jordan - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I firmly believe in the great value of friendship. I believe in my friends and all of their extraordinary qualities, their awesome kindness, their outgoing nature, their ability to engage and amuse me. But most of all their courage to open up with me, share their secrets. Their trust and faith in me to keep their most sacred desires I often feel is unfounded. So I try to live up to the trust they have in me. They put themselves out there, they risk revealing a weakness by sharing their secrets with me. I know it may not seem brave to whisper who your crush is, but to me it always has been. My friends’ courage and strength inspire a little in me.

I believe that my friendships with such amazing people has changed me for the better. By just being themselves: funny, outgoing, brave, strong, I have become, I think, a little funnier, a little more outgoing, a little braver, and a little stronger. This new found confidence, that my friends have helped me discover, has made new friendships possible. These new amazing people that I meet just continue the process.

Not everyone I have met, have been good friends. A few have betrayed me. My worst fear came true. I let them in, shared some of me, and they betrayed my trust and told others who did not need to know. My true friends helped me here too, though. They also have been betrayed, but they didn’t seek revenge or turn to unkind words. My friends taught me, with their own actions, how to forgive and strive to be kind.

It is also true that I have not always been a good friend. Maybe the most important thing my friends have taught me to do is to seek forgiveness. To get off of my high horse and admit I am in the wrong. That is the scariest thing of all, to confess you messed it all up. Especially if you were willing to sacrifice one friendship for a new one. I understand that it might take awhile, but I continue to have faith in the forgiveness friends can inspire. If my other friends can forgive, maybe the friend most betrayed, most hurt can forgive too. I miss you, friend, and I am willing to wait and make a few sacrifices too. Whatever I can do to patch this up. It will never be the same but maybe we can make our relationship stronger this time around. I hope this friendship isn’t lost forever because of my selfishness.

Thank you Jade, Emily, Cayleigh, Melanie, Stacey, Nikki, Kara, Brittany, for the laughs, the secrets, your forgiveness and support, especially when I screwed up big time with my closest friend. You all will always inspire me. I believe the strength of our friendships have made my life more exciting and you all have made me a better person. I believe in friends.