This I Believe

Tyler - Papillion, Nebraska
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

“Music—My Forte”

It is 6:55 Monday morning, and I am just wheeling out of my driveway for morning band practice. As I drive at a deathly slow speed down the school road, I listen and hear nothing but my running car and the constant reeuh-reeuh of the cicadas. At this point, my exhausted body can’t handle the complete and utter silence held by the morning hours. It yearns to hop back into my comfy bed for just five more minutes in Dreamland. To solve this problem, I turn one of the knobs on the dashboard.

Instantly, my heart lights on fire. I start dancing and bobbing my head to the sound coming out of the speakers. The adrenaline gained from this transfers to my foot and I illegally but unintentionally zoom down that 25 mile per hour road. My blood rushes as the chords build and come to a climax. I am completely awakened now by the pumping sound I had just heard. Music! What a fantastic experience! The fact that different combinations of noises are able to stir emotions and culture and life itself is simply profound. I truly believe that music creates life in my world.

All types of music turn the bolts of my mind. The powerful guitars and wretched chords in rock music fill me with passion and a need to let out what is inside. The simple and steady beat patterns and repetitive accompaniment in rap, hip-hop, and R&B focuses my attention on the meaningful words expressed by the artist at a pace fit for dancing and having fun. Country music fills my soul with a special folksy sweetness that reminds me of fond memories at my uncle’s farm. Classical music is jam packed with such musical complexity that I literally feel that artist’s life for what it really is. Every kind of music from punk to baroque, from musicals to death rock, brews a special meaning within my heart.

Music is strangely powerful to the human psyche. People scream at the top of their lungs for the star at a rock concert. The National Anthem always creates a tear in the eyes of a war veteran or a mother with her son in Iraq. My definition of music is any noise that brings some sort of emotion to a person. So, music can be found everywhere. In the rain. At the dinner table. Even the cicadas’ buzz in the early hours of the morning may give one person that special feeling. The music feeling.