This I Believe

Tashi - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: golden rule

What Goes Around Comes Around

The second row sat down and the third row began to stand. I sat very impatiently in my cap and gown. Clicking my fingernails on one hand and holding my diploma with the other; bouncing my leg up and down as hatred filled my eyes when the words “Lauren Marie Hartsfield” came out of our principals’ mouth. While sitting there my mother’s words transpired through my head “What goes around comes around.”

Lauren and I had been friends since the eighth grade. We were practically sisters and did everything together. Lauren was from Oakland, California and she had a pretty rough life. She lived with her grandparents because both her mother and father were deceased. I was always there for her no matter what. It wasn’t until we were seniors in high school; our friendship began to get a little rocky.

Her grandmother kicked her out without anywhere for her to go. So I insisted that she move in with me and my mother. My mother treated Lauren as if she was her very own. Then something about Lauren changed. She began to sneak boys in the house, leave at two and three in the morning with random guys. The list of rule breaking goes on. Soon after that Lauren wanted to get her own place; which she got. She started missing a lot of days of school and most people didn’t think she was going to graduate. One day at school we got into a huge argument and said some really bad things to one another.

Lauren went around town spreading nasty rumors about me. We even applied to the same job and she told the managers that I wasn’t a good worker and that I was a lot of trouble. It didn’t surprise me when she got the job and I didn’t. This made me madder than a chicken with its head cut off and I wanted to retaliate. But my mother told me to remain cool “What goes around comes around.”

I knew that saying was true but it was taking too long for something to happen to her and I was growing very impatient. Then something finally happened to Lauren. It hit her hard and fast. I don’t even think she saw it coming. Her phone was turned off and till this day it’s still off, she lost her job because they found out who the real trouble maker was, she was kicked out of her apartment, and above everything else she lost friends.

On graduation day watching Lauren walk across the stage made me want to get up and knock her down. But I didn’t I remained cool and let nature take its course. The fact is that Lauren was grimy and got exactly what was coming to her. People, “What goes around comes around.” You should treat others how you want to be treated and never turn your back on a good friend.