This I Believe

Shantrell - Texas
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in nonmaterial things. Material things are a bunch of worries. I have to worry or save up how am I going to get whatever I need. And whenever I do get what I had been saving and sacrificing a while to get. It really isn’t all of that it was a waist of time and money and sometimes I just play it off so won prove myself wrong. Which really isn’t that fun but nonmaterial things come out of nowhere and I appreciate them more cause I didn’t have to sacrifice nothing because happens to me and not vice versa. My mom and I are semi close and when both of us are in a good mood she comes and talks to me about all sorts of things. Like anything that I would be embarrassed to just come up to her and talk about just cause. But when she’s in a good mood or whenever she just says something to me and when she calls me “baby” its hard to explain but I just like the feeling and whatever she wanted me to get that I would probably wouldn’t want to makes me want to get it for her. Plus we get to skip all of the arguments that we could of happened if I wouldn’t had did it the way she liked me to. Or sometimes she says I can eat in my room. To most people that’s a sarcastic “wow” but to me it’s so much more that that cause I rarely get to eat in my room. A simple thing like that makes me enjoy my life just a little bit more. That’s what I believe my life is about enjoying things that wouldn’t matter to know one else but. Its actually kind of like my own secret or own inside joke just between me, myself and I. Material things are nice but nonmaterial things are nicer.