This I Believe

Shae - Kalispell, Montana
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe Simple Gestures of Kindness Make the World Go ‘Round

Even though small gestures of kindness may seem minor, they can really make a big impact on someone’s day. When one is having a bad time, a simple compliment can entirely turn their day around. When people are kind to each other, the environment is much more amusing and pleasurable.

If I am in a bad mood or nothing has gone well for me all day, a plain, “hey Shae, that’s a nice shirt,” can completely cheer me up. It always feels good to be complimented on or talked good about no matter what kind of mood I am in. In my opinion, simple comments like these are some of the most important things in life even if they do seem really minor and insignificant. There have been a countless number of times where my attitude has fully changed due to one of these compliments.

Being kind isn’t only about making other people feel good, acts of kindness make everyone feel better. Along with making someone else feel better, when you do something nice for another person, it also makes you feel much better. With adults and elders it can be as simple as smiling or making conversation with them; same goes for your peers. Some people are just natural at being kind and some people have to really work hard to do kind things, but if one puts in the effort needed, he or she will certainly be glad they did.

If you’re kind to everyone, you won’t have many enemies, if any at all. Imagine trying to hate someone who only says good things about you and others. It would be nearly impossible. If you are kind to others regularly, people will start to appreciate you more and you will earn a lot of respect. It’s not all about being the biggest and most rebellious guy to be popular and respected, if you are nice to people, you will be liked far more than if you are the toughest.

Kindness makes everyone around you more content, including yourself. An act of kindness can be as simple as telling someone that you like their shoes or as effortless as smiling or holding open a door. You will be more widely liked and respected if you are kind to others rather than if you are too cool to be nice. Next time you walk into the school or a building, hold the door open for someone else and I guarantee you will feel better about yourself and the person you held the door open for will remember it and appreciate you for it.