This I Believe

Bethany - Gainesville, Georgia
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: forgiveness, love

To Forgive is to Love

The world is nothing, it has no meaning, it has no point, it absolutely fails, and it falls apart if it does not have love. I believe love has power over everything, and forgiveness is one of love’s most amazing gifts. If a person truly loves someone, he/she will not give up when the person they love does something wrongful that requires their forgiveness. God forgives us, and I believe we should in turn forgive others who truly seek forgiveness. In the past year I have adopted this belief.

It’s hard to trust someone when he/she hurts you badly. I am a very fragile person when it comes to emotions. When I fall in love with someone or love someone, I love that person with all I have. Falling in love with someone is giving your heart to that person and potentially finding the love of your life, but on the other hand it is also setting yourself up for the possibility of getting your heart crushed. My boyfriend of almost a year broke up with me for about a month, and I was crushed. I never knew how much I loved him until he let me go. About a month later, he called me back, upset because he knew he had messed up. I have always been taught that God forgives me therefore I should forgive others, so I gave him a second chance, but things didn’t go so smoothly. He had gotten into some things that I didn’t really agree with, but when you love someone, you love them in the good and the bad. He kept hurting me a lot and things had to come to an end once again. I hoped ending our relationship would help get him back on track.

As time progressed, we found ourselves out of high school and talking again. He asked me to forgive him, and he knew it would be hard after all the things he had done, but he knew he truly wanted to be with me for good this time. I know we say people need second chances, but no more than that. I disagree with this statement. Sometimes it takes a person a couple of times to get it right. We fall every day and get right back up hoping we can get another chance so we can be better next time. He showed me through the third chance he could change, and I in return forgave him.

We all make mistakes, but we trust that the people who truly love us will just keep loving us and forgive us when we fail them. It’s amazing how many blessings can come out of forgiving others. I don’t believe I would be the person I am today or would be as happy as I am right now if I hadn’t forgiven my boyfriend. Most people don’t believe people can change, but if it’s all in the name of love, it can happen.