This I Believe

Dug - Murphysboro, Illinois
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of the moment. I believe that anything of meaning in your life will happen in a moment. I believe in living for the moment, becuase the moment you let your self think to broad disappointment and regret will fill the experience and haunt your memories. Whereas in the moment there are no regrets. It’s all to simple, set your goals, achieve greatness, strive for wholistic satisfaction. Think in the moment, act in the moment, and live in the moment and all these things will happen. This isn’t easy, people feel like they need that control over there life; that structure, when all they really need is the satisfaction of knowing that when it is all over they have absorbed every moment of life’s oppurtunity. I too find myself day dreaming, and letting myself fill with anxiety thinking about the future and what it might hold, but what is the point? If I may be allowed a cliche; if you spend to much time thinking about what could happen, you are missing out entirely on what is happening. I had this revelation in my seventh semester of college. I was so obsessed with my goal oriented lifestyle that nothing was stopping me from succedding in my chosen career path. I became so stressed and burntout that I almost decided to stop all together. Luckily I had the composure to pull myself together and simply ask, “what are you doing?” I am not suggesting that everyone give up on their goals and ambitions, and join the circus, or anyting like that; unless ofcourse your life’s amibition is the circus, then more power to you. No, what I am saying is have goals yes, but don’t let them consume you. Instead be consumed by experience, be consumed by love and happiness. Strive for greatness yes, but enjoy the ride. Stress is going to happen, it exist within all of us, the trick is to find a way to be motivated by it, and yet let it have as minimal affect as possible. I know what you all are thinking, “yeah that’s easy, just stop caring, live in the moment.” However, this isn’t a sermon or a rant on how you should live your life, it’s an insight into how I live mine. Forgive me, i’m bias, but it is my belief that this is the way to live, the way to fully embrace life. Don’t forget to stop and look around while you walk through life, it just might be the best walk you’ve had.