This I Believe

Jesse - Lynchburg, Virginia
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that friends can be closer than family. I believe that God gives friends as gifts. I have a very special friend named John Jablonski, who for a long time was closer to me than a lot of family members. When I really started to be a close friend to john he was around the age 15 or 16, his parents had jut gone through a divorce, and his mom went on disability. John grew up not having much, but what he did have was always mine even to this day john is giving me his pick up truck because I cant afford to buy it from him. We would always tell people we were brothers, and we would also behave like them. We would fight some days till both of us were bleeding out of some part of our body, be mad for a second and then be best friends again.

My father really never liked john much, he thought he was a bad influence on me, and that was where I got my bad attitude, from john. Part of that might have been true, john and I were rebels; we would leave early from school in one of our cars with the windows open screaming were rebels. There is no one factor making john my best friend, he was just always there when I needed a friend. Always gave me what was his, I even called his mom, MOM, those were the days of not caring about anything, and living life to the fullest.

John was in my wedding, and was one of the more major prank pullers. My wife is now pregnant and I am more than honored to let john be one of my kids’ uncles. John was always a sort of redneck that just happened to live up north, he loved to hunt, wear flannel with the sleeves cut off, and drive what he called nice cars. We played soccer and basketball together, and he and I were the only ones who would attend his after game party, with BLT’s on the menu. We would pull random pranks like trash the principals’ lawn with food and let it rot. John now is a volunteer firefighter in Norwich N.Y, with a real dream of becoming a paramedic in the armed forces.

I have a lot of respect for john Jablonski, coming from where he was to where he is now. I never regret once being his friend or spending time with him, spending money with or on him. I loved our time together and the only thing I wish for john is the best life anyone could have. If I could ever live this life again I would have one wish to make. I would like to meet john Jablonski (and my wife) way earlier than I did.