This I Believe

Brett - Iola, Wisconsin
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Acceptance: The Key to the Future

Acceptance is a huge component of our lives. Everybody wants to be accepted someway or another. It can change our lives in good ways or in bad ways.

Acceptance and your appearance is a huge factor in meeting new people. You may wonder things like: “I wonder if they like my shirt,” “Hopefully they don’t find me annoying,” “I wonder if they actually like me.” Everyone has speculations like these coursing through their mind when being introduced to new people.

Considering I just moved to a new small school from a large school, it’s a huge change for me. Adjusting from about 1,700 students to about 400 is gruesome.

Of course I wanted to fit in, so I joined the football team. Playing football in previous years encouraged me to play again this year. I went to the first practice, and right away I thought to myself, “Oh God, I’m not going to fit in.” After the season actually started, when I actually got to play in games, other players stated talking to me more and started making friends. I did start to fit in after a while, after people got to know me.

Having my hair longer than most all of the guys here, I’m persistently reminded to cut my hair. “Brett, cut your hair you hippie” is what I’m constantly told. Wearing typically a black band shirt and a pair of Chuck Taylor hi-tops, I’m usually portrayed in a bad way. It’s all prejudice, and it’s not just me but a bunch of other people like me. Some of us are disgusted by how people act towards us because we act or dress differently. I’d be something like, a potato in a fruit basket, plain and dull compared to the colorful and tasty.

Not dressing or acting like most other people has it good sides as well as bad sides. You’re not like everybody else; that’s usually a bonus, but not good all of the time. Being pushed around or made fun of can occur when being so different, compared to other kids. It happens to me quite a bit.

Honestly, I don’t get it. What compels someone to make fun of another student? Is their self-esteem so low that they absolutely have to pick on someone to be pleased with themselves? Or are they angry and need to take it out on someone not even involved in the situation? Either way, they should find some other way to relieve the stress that they have.

Everyone has a dislike about someone. Perhaps about a trait someone may have without thoroughly understanding the concept of the thought. Also by what he or she likes to do as a hobby or how they may act. This, I believe…