This I Believe

gynaika - Hollywood, Florida
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: place, pleasure

Half an Hour with Infinite Possibilities

After the train driver says “all on board” a break is created in the time line. I believe that then there is no way to hurry and no reason to hurry, taking the train is a fascinating experience with a new world of possibilities to offer.

My daily journey start before the sun rises at Hollywood Boulevard, there I take the Tri-rail train in to school in Palm Beach Community College.

I believe that highways are jealous companions. Seconds of distraction can cost lives. The train in the other hand is quite generous; like the best host gives attentions in stead of demanding them. Trains have tall windows that glow and create a refreshing pure pleasure for the eyes; is quite like sailing into an impressionist painting.

I see train as a place where men, women, children of all races and philosophies life together is harmony.

When one decides to take the train in stead of driving the created window of time has an infinite range of possibilities opens. A person can read a book or write a book. Sleep or watch the football world series on a laptop. When the individualistic paradise of one person in one car is abandon, finding the love for a life time becomes suddenly easier.

Imagination is the only limit to what humans can do, but what do I do? I have met great friends, and find a place with out worries where the sunrise shines every day and for half an hour an hour my only work is enjoying the ride.