This I Believe

Sara - El Paso, Texas
Entered on December 6, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

What is the form of expectations by which you live your life? Is it by the expectations of others or your own? I believe in living my life according to my own dreams.

Since I can remember, my dreams have influenced every decision I have made. At the age of seven I discovered my passion for basketball. I was determined to live this adventure, since I wanted to prove to myself that dreams could come true. To take off on this journey, I started to try-out for basketball teams in school and in my community. It was until middle school that I made it to the school’s basketball team.

Once there my dream and desire was to win the District Championship. During seventh grade the team got close to gaining the championship, but was short for three points. The next season our dream came true. We won District with eleven wins and no game lost.

I realized that dreams alone could not come true, but that I had to work hard in order to obtain what I desire. “Why dream if you don’t want things to come true?” my mother usually tells me this when I tell her that I regret not doing something that I dream of doing.

My own dreams have taken me to experience things that I thought I would never go through. When I entered high school, I wasn’t sure what extra curricular activities I’ll join, then I discovered dance. I remembered, when I was younger I wanted to become a dancer and there ws my opportunity to live one more of my dreams. I joined the dance team and little by little one dream led to another one, until many new dreams were waiting to become real. I learned to dance tap, clogging, and even modern dance, something that had never crossed my mind until I started living according to my dance dream.

Now my dreams are taking me in a total different direction. College is the dream for which I am living now. Going into the psychology field, inspired by my high school teacher, Mr. Fernandez. I’ll live this dream like I have lived many others, to the fullest and working hard every day.

Not all my dreams have end up in a successful matter, but just because I gave it a try i feel content with myself. This has made all the difference. As my history teacher once told me, “it’s better to have risk in something you wanted so much and failed, then had never risk and regret never trying.”

There’s no doubt that in my future my dreams might change, but that’s waht makes life interesting. “What’s next?” keeps me focus on my next adventures. Living according to my dreams is what I do because simply this is what I believe.