This I Believe

Brooke - Flowery Branch, Georgia
Entered on December 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I Believe in Hard Work

Hard work is essential in order to be successful. Over the past few years I have come to realize the importance of hard work. I always work diligently for the things that I consider important. I believe when you work hard, you can achieve success. When I work hard for the things I believe in, I appreciate those things so much more than when things come easy in life. Whether it be at school, work, or sports, I always try to do my best in everything I do.

In school, hard work pays off. I have always put forth a lot of effort in making good grades. Good grades are important to me. The fact is simple. The harder I work in school, the better my grades are. In high school, I made all A’s and was able to graduate in the top five of my class. This success did not come without sacrifice. I cared about my grades; therefore, I put great effort into making good ones. I wanted to excel academically, and I did. It is very rewarding to study for a test and to receive an A. By working hard in school, I was able to achieve the grades I wanted.

It is also important to work hard at your job. Employees do not want to hire anyone who is not willing to work hard. Working has made me appreciate money. I have to work hard for the money I make and therefore I am careful how I spend it. I try not to waste my money because I know how much work it took to earn it. I know that I must work hard at my job so I will have money to spend. I believe that working hard for my money and learning the value of a dollar will help me to be successful later in life.

Athletics is also something that requires a great deal of hard work. Throughout high school, I played softball for my school. Although it was a fall sport, it required extra work year round. In the spring, when we weren’t playing for our school team, we all played on a travel team. We would practice hard and play very competitive teams during the summer. Playing challenging teams prepared us for the fall season. With all the hard work throughout the year, we were able to go to the state playoffs three years in a row.

I think it is important to always work hard. I believe by working hard I have already been able to accomplish many things in my life. I have found it to be very rewarding to work hard for the things I want in life and then achieve them.