This I Believe

Michale - Suitland, Maryland
Entered on December 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30


A very important person once told me that they believed in me… that I could achieve great things as long as I stayed focus and put my mind to it. This person was a nobody to me and became my entire world. At a young age I couldn’t grasp the entire perspective of me achieving my dreams especially because I didn’t believe in myself. As a pre-teen, teenager, and even at pre- adult ages I played with the thoughts of me being a successful adult. In all honesty I couldn’t fathom even completing college in my younger years and even now I toy with that thought.

In my mind all my dreams were deferred and put away in a little box. This person inspired me to do all the things if not more things than I could ever imagine. For example, I always wanted to join a track team by the middle of high school I was on a track team enjoying every minute. Once I graduated from high school who ever thought including myself that I would attend one of the best colleges in America (George Washington University). Although I was still in disbelief I made it all the way to my Junior year then experienced turmoil. It almost sent me back to my former state of mind that is not believing in myself but I realized that maybe I just have to go through HELL to get to HEAVEN.