This I Believe

Kristin - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on December 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in persistence. Persistence has gotten me to achieve things I never thought possible. Although it took some belief in myself to set certain goals and strive to be persistent, the very action of not giving up has played a bigger part in both my accomplishments and the development of my character than just believing I could do something. By being persistent, I have not only gotten to college and figured out want I want to do with my life, but I have established much of what makes me me.

When I first started to workout with the softball team my freshman year of high school, I figured that eating junk food would automatically cancel out when I sweat it all off in the weight room. Although I do believe in eating (and I eat a lot, might I add), all the hard work put into being in shape for my softball team was going to waste. The sacrifices I made for my team and individual responsibility balanced out with my persistence to be all that I could be and achieve something even I thought impossible. Although getting up an hour earlier in the morning to workout with the team would suck – especially knowing we had to workout after school for 2 hours – my persistence made me the best athlete I could be. It has stuck with me through the years and without putting determined effort into a healthy lifestyle – which included putting down a few donuts – I would still be as lazy and unmotivated as I was my freshman year. I now work out every day, thanks to that initial persistence of being in shape for softball becoming habit.

Persistence does not always come from the individual himself; it can also mean proving to disbelievers that your goal can be reached. For me, this meant winning tickets over the radio. Everyone told me it would never happen. When I told my boyfriend that I was determined to win us a pair of tickets for the millionth time to see the band 311 one night last summer, he laughed. I didn’t even like the band that much, but I took his laughter as a challenge. The fact that he didn’t have faith in me made me want those tickets even more than I had when I first mentioned winning them. With my house phone calling the radio station in one hand and my cell phone calling the same station with my other, my chances had to be increased. I must have heard the dial tone about 30 times in those 2 minutes, but I kept at it.

Being persistent is not about winning, it’s about doing whatever it takes to come as close to winning as you possibly can. To be able to leave a situation saying you tried your hardest means so much more than just simply getting a reward.

But just for the record, I won those tickets.