This I Believe

Sade - Forestville, Maryland
Entered on December 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Friendship, Relationship, last Love Affair

I believe that friendship should come before a relationship to succeed in a relationship. I believe that after you have a relationship then a love affair would evolve naturally. Building a friendship takes time and energy and should be taken seriously. I think that people should evaluate others in all aspects because over time people change. There is no need to rush into a relationship because good things come to those who wait. When a relationship is rushed into sometime it never works because both parties haven’t taken enough time to get to know each other. Find out whether or not this is your ideal person and if you want to continue the friendship. It is safe to say that a strong friendship could bring a strong relationship. When you build a friendship it is important to work on honesty, communication, and trust.

Once you have a good friendship with your mate then you can begin a relationship. If you don’t have a good friendship the relationship might not work. At this point you should already feel comfortable with the person and you should have an idea of what to expect. I have been in situations where getting to know someone only involved phone conversation. Take the time to go out on dates and evaluate how a person walks and talks learn their likes and dislikes. Keep the relationship new by doing new things with your partner. Have a good communication by discussing your problems thoroughly. Give your partner a chance to explain themselves. After each disagreement you should try to find a solution or come up with an agreement to disagree. Treat your partner exactly as you would want them to treat you without any exceptions.

A love affair should always come last because you should not lay down sexually with someone you don’t know. When a love affair comes first you loose all imagination of what is to come. In most cases sex is what a person is looking for and your partner is going to try it first or they are going to wait. If your partner wants a love affair first and you don’t want it then let them know that you are not ready. Advise them that you are looking for more than just sex. If your partner is willing to wait then you know they respect you and what you want. Normally after the friendship and relationship a love affair occurs. I believe that you don’t need sex to keep a relationship going but when both parties are in the “mood” it can sometimes be necessary with content. Sex erupts an emotional feeling that should not be tampered or played with. Sex should be serious and protected at all times. Sex is “sex” when there are no feelings and no connection between two people. Sex is a”Love Affair” when you feel the sense of love with someone you know very well. I believe that in order to have a successful relationship you should build a friendship, start a relationship, and last have a love affair.