This I Believe

Kelby - Troy, Idaho
Entered on December 5, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Horsemanship

Ever wonder why kids and or little girls often dream of having a horse? Or why so many times children use the phrase “Mommy I want a horsy.” I believe in horsemanship because of it tidings of moral and soul benefits to the human being. A horse is a living creature that teaches us countless lessons although we may not always realize it. You and the horse are building a companionship that makes the two of you equal. To many, a horse is extraordinary, mysterious and elegant image that captures our hearts and minds, a creature that stands with grace and beauty.

When you pull up the drive way you have to get out and spend time with your horse, this shows that you have become attached to the animal. The bonding between a horse and a human and the beginning of a lifelong friendship that somehow comes together cannot be broken. When those two objects get past the point of confusion and the hurdle of understanding, they come to a rendition, a friendship that will never be stronger. The perception of this union is beyond what words can describe. When I lost my first horse because of a broken elbow it felt like I’d lost a family member.

Work is part of the trade off in training a horse. The more work put into a horse the more that comes out of it. The process is slow and not easy going but giving devotion in the round pen will help save time crossing that creek or passing the plastic sack on the side of the road. But for those people who desire to raise horses, there are men and women who will train them for us. People who spend hours a day on horseback doing a thing they love.

Giving attention to a horse, as well as training it, you must have patience or you will never succeed at it. The building and progress of horsemanship takes time. As it took you time to learn how to read. It takes the horse time to learn how to read you. When I would go on rides with my horse I became addicted to the country and the peace and the simplicities of life that riding had to offer. I know that being outside and going on long horseback rides is healthy for the body and mind. I believe that “Patience is a virtue,” especially with horses and that that phrase coincides with horsemanship.

I believe that a horse can heal a person and vice versa. Everyone knows when they’ve been healed from a wound because they feel normal again. When you feel bad you can count on a horse to make things feel better. They cannot judge you by what’s been done or by what’s been left undone. They cannot sneer at bad looks nor laugh at stupid mistakes, they only want to love and be loved. When I would be in times of discomfort I would throw the bridle on my horse and leave the world behind. That was one way I would cope with pain.

I believe trusting in a horse will help you to trust others and yourself. When you pull yourself up onto the horses back and scoot up above the animal’s withers to situate, you are making your life a responsibility to that horse because you trust it will take care of you. But this situation is not performed by just you trusting the horse. The horse must trust that where ever you lead it everything will be okay. Sometimes when I’d get into wide open fields I would let go of the rains and feel the rush of laying my life upon the sturdy legs of my mare. To feel the wind water your eyes and smell the dirt and the horses sweat hitting you in the face. To let you feet dangle around the belly of your horse and feel the slick strands of hair from the horse’s main whipping crossed your palms and only a little power to stop the twelve hundred pound animal is a matter of love and trust.

Growing up with horses has taught me so many things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I don’t know what kind of person I would be if I had never been raised around horses. They truly have been a blessing in my life and I feel sorry for those who will never experience those things that I have. Horses will always be in my dreams and in my heart and I will love them forever.