This I Believe

Jake - Troy/, Idaho
Entered on December 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

My friend Jay and I went to a dance in Lewiston for one of his friends birthday parties. When we got there we met up with Coty, and George, and then we went into the dance together. After a while I found the chick I was going to try and pick up that night and I went over and started to dance with her. Jay, Coty, and George all found there little honey too and we were all having a good time. A slow dance came on and me and this girl started to get closer to each other. After a while I took her over to one of the corners in the room and started to carry on a conversation with her. While I was talking to her I noticed these four guys come into the room and they all came over and sat down 3 or 4 chairs down from us and one of them just sat there staring at me, I didn’t say anything for a while but then it started to piss me off so I asked him what the hell was so damn interesting about me he had to stare at. Before I got out the word “at” all four of the guys stood up and before they all could get up I dropped one of the guys and the other three started in on me. They got some good hits on me before George came from across the room and hay makerd one of the guys and gave another one a left hook but I was down so it was four on one again before I got back up and started back on one of the guys while the other three where trying to take on George and about the time I got back up Jay and Coty decided to join the party and get the other two off of George so it was four on four from there and they didn’t have a chance after that. That’s why I believe a good friend should always have you back. George didn’t know if anyone would ever come and help us fight them but he jumped in anyway.

I wanted to by this flat screen TV and I had the money but it was on a Sunday so I couldn’t go to the bank and get my money. But I could withdraw $300 out of my ATM so I did that and needed another $200 until I could get to a back on Monday. So I called my best buddy Andy because he lived in Moscow and I asked him if he could spot me the Monday until tomorrow. He said he had some bills to pay and he had to have the money the next day because he had some bills he had to pay and that was all the money he had. And I said that wouldn’t be a problem I just didn’t want to drive back to Troy without a TV. So Andy came up and gave me the money so I could get it and the next day I brought him his money. He new he had bills to pay but he put his trust in me to pay him back that’s why I believe a good friend should always have your back.