This I Believe

Michael - el paso, Texas
Entered on December 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Before graduating high school I didn’t really care about furthering my education by going to college. I just wanted to work and make and not have to worry about doing homework. Then I learned that now and days the demand for educated people is on the rise. Companies are becoming more interested in hiring people with some type of college education, instead of someone who just graduated from high school or didn’t get a high school diploma. Studies have shown that with an education I would be more likely to get hired for the job, get a better pay, get faster promotions, and progress faster than if I didn’t get education. After learning about this, I realized that I would not make it with just minimum wage or progress. Since I want to progress in my life, I now believe in getting an education is one of the most important things I could do to be able to progress.

Studies have shown me that just with an associate’s degree, which means about two years of college for basics, I will be a better candidate to be chosen for job openings available. During this time while I am attending college, I have realized that once I finish my basics I would be able to have a career in about another two years by majoring in something that I enjoyed learning about. The degree I would be getting after I have completed the next two years in college would be a bachelor’s degree, which allows me to get a career in a field that I studied. This degree will get me a better paying job. The faster I am able to finish with school; the faster I will be on my way to success. Getting my bachelors degree means that I will be able to peruse a real career, I will also earn a lot more than just minimum wage, and with the more I increase my education the better pay I will receive. Once that I have gotten my career I will be able to better provide for myself and family with any financial needs. I will have the liberty to buy anything that I want. Another important thing I will be able to purchase would be life insurance, which now and days is really important and expensive. I would also have the luxury of taking vacations with my family and not have to worry about the expenses.

Even though I was able to realize that an education is very important in order for me to progress, there are some people who have not. They are unfortunate because they are the ones who end up struggling to make it day by day on minimum wage and are then forced to get another job. Since I have seen this a lot, I don’t want to have to struggle like them and so I have made it one of my beliefs that education is important to me so I can succeed and progress