This I Believe

kurnia - Depok, Idaho Indonesia
Entered on December 5, 2006

A story about A little Girl called Mia

I believe that all the children in this world have a right to get education. They have a right to go to school, enjoy the lesson, playing with their friends, without have to worry about how they can afford the money to pay their school.

This story is just one little example how children in Indonesia are not allowed to go to school because they can’t pay for it.

I met her in a rainy day. She spurred the rain, run after me and said, “ Need an Umbrella service Kak ? This is a heavy rain. It will make you sick if you get wet“. I watched her passed the umbrella and swabbed the rain that fallen to her forehead.

She said her name is Mia. She is a cheerful little girl. She talked loud and happily although the rain poured on her. When I asked her about her school, suddenly she looked so sad. She said, “ Mia is in 6th grade now and in a couple months Mia will faced the final exam. But… Mia didn’t have money so Mia can’t pay for the final exam and the monthly cost. The head master said that tomorrow Mia didn’t allowed going to school if Mia didn’t pay for it.

“How much you should pay for it?” I asked her. “It’s three hundred thousand Rupiahs ”. She replied. I watched her carefully, tried to see if there’s any chance of her lying. But when I saw her face, her eyes, all I could see is a little girl who wanted to go to school. She is a little girl who has big spirit to make changes.

“Did your parents know that you didn’t allowed to go to School?” I asked her, try to find out about her parents. She answered my question with story that his father is a construction labor. Her mother worked as washing labor for their neighbors. She had 5 siblings. Her mother has just trough Caesar to deliver her younger brother safely. In order to pay the surgery, her father made a debt to rentenir . She said her father didn’t have any money so he asked her to quit the school.

“But Kak, Mia didn’t want to gave up. Mia will try to collect money to pay the school. Mia wants to go to school so Mia can be a teacher someday. That’s why in the rainy day Mia offering umbrella serves.”

The walking path is over, I already arrived in front of the house. She said goodbye and waved her hands.

In Indonesia there are a lot more Mia, children that have to give up their school just because they can’t pay for it. They didn’t choose to bee poor, it’s the condition that made them like that. They just need a hand to get them out from the place. Hand from the government and hand from the society.


Umbrella Service : in rainy day usually children in Indonesia offer an umbrella to people who didn’t bring it and take a charge

Kak : A called from children to older, in order to respect them

300,000 rupiahs = equal tu USD 33