This I Believe

Rachele - Tucson, Arizona
Entered on December 4, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

Throughout my life, I have experienced many different occurrences, which change my outlook on life. Days, months and years go by as well as my beliefs and perspectives. Not only are my beliefs changing, but the world and my surroundings are too. Life flies by and overtime the world keeps changing. I believe that growing up and being exposed to a variety of things benefits one’s viewing of life.

As a child (ages 3-8) I believed life was flawless. Candy, Barbie’s, markers and paper were all of the items that made my life complete. Playing with my friends and drawing were two things I enjoyed most. I believed that I was going to become a veterinarian because of my love to animals. I believed the world was not faced with many problems and that everyone was perfectly happy. Never was I disappointed with reality of life until the day that I moved from New Jersey to Arizona. I was very sad to leave all of my relatives and best friends, but I was open to making new ones.

As an adolescent (ages 9-14) I started to view life differently. My bike, Nintendo, and my scooter were three things I could not live without. I began to understand more about which friends were my favorite to hang out with and which boys were the cutest in my grade. I was still living life with no problems to face except the death of my first cat.

As an adult/teenager (ages 15-17) my beliefs as well as perspective of the world and the way of life changed drastically. I learned that the world was lacking peace. I also learned that many people are not happy and living perfect lives with perfect spouses. I became aware that my parents were dealing with many problems with their relationship in the past and were soon to split up. I believed more in God and his power of healing and prayed daily. Soon, I came to conclusion that everything that occurs in one’s life happens for a specific reason. Life is a lesson and you learn from mistakes made. During these years I have become aware of who my true friends are. I have met many people but I am aware of who truly cares about me. My family means more to me now than anything. We have all struggled together and understand that we would make it through this tough divorce sticking together.

I believe money is not the answer to happiness. One can have anything and everything and it will only make them happy for nearly two days but will not cause them to be happy in the long run. Traveling the world opens oneself to the different cultures and ways of life. I believe that experiencing things that are unfamiliar will only make one more educated and aware of the happenings of the world. I look back on my experience of traveling to Europe and realize its significance. This experience has given me the ability to be empathetic, hopeful, and once again, optimistic towards life.

Throughout my life my outlook has changed. I believe that in every year of my life, my beliefs will shift. Attending college, meeting new people, pursuing my dream, and living life without fear will also make me able to be successful in my near future.